Home theater lighting Ideas and Tips

Why home theater lighting?

For your home theater, proper lighting is one of the most important choices you have to make.

Any light source that is shone on to the screen is going to restrict your view, plus darkness just intensifies the theater experience. That's the reason, when you are in a movie theater, you know that while watching the movie, the theater's light is dimmed to almost darkness. The only light you will see is from the projector.

How it could be different for your home theater lighting?

Most of the time, people turn off all the lights when watching movies at home and to them this is pretty much what home theater lighting means but it is actually quite the opposite.

Notice the lighting in a move theater. You are not watching the movie in total darkness but rather in very dim lighting coming from only the sides of the theater.

Home theater lighting

So, home theater lighting may include two different aspects:

  1. Removing disturbing lights and 
  2. Adding lighting to your home theater

Full color spectrum solid-state lighting systemIdeal for accent lighting and ambient lighting for confined areasProduce any color of light at a push of a buttonSix pre-programmed patterns and a music modeSafe low-voltage no heat energy efficient and 50000-hour lifeExpandable up to 6 total lightbars (HTB15)Retail packagedIncludes 2 lightbars controller 6-outlet hub mounting kit and power supply15" lightbars
Home Theater Lighting with Media Highlighter System - 15" Lightbars

The light being shining on the surface of your television ruins your view enjoyment. Therefore, before purchasing a home theater system care for the best location which will have the least chance of natural or artificial ruining the viewing space.
  • Prevent too much light from spoiling your viewing enjoyment
  • Fix blackout curtains that are designed natural sunlight
  • Fix aluminium foil over the windows to prevent natural light coming in (if it's fine for the look from outside)
  • Use recessed light and rope lighting to avoiding glare on the television
As is important to eliminate the disturbing light, it is equally important to keep some light in the room. This will help you to prevent eye fatigue or even headaches after watching movies.

LEDGlow's Million Color Home Theater LED Lighting Kit will be the envy of all your visitors as it adds a custom, multi-color ambient light that surrounds your home theater system that is second to none. This multi-color home accent lighting kit utilizes ultra-bright, surface mounted RGB LED technology which allows for a vibrant and wide angle, spotless glow that adds a colorful personality to your home theater set up. Every home theater kit includes two 15 inch and two 9 inch light tubes that feature four 5' mini USB connections, an easy to hide control box and a wireless remote with receiver that controls all of the kit's lighting effects. The control box offers amazing lighting modes that are easily selected from the wireless remote including a solid color scan mode that can be used to create any color, a fade mode, a sound activation mode, as well as customizable brightness levels. The primary color cycle mode fades through eight preset options that include blue, green, red, pink, purple, yellow, aqua and white; while the million color fade mode slowly cycles through the color spectrum allowing you to pause and save four of your favorite custom colors. The remote functions also included are speed adjustments, memory and sleep functions that add even further customization options to this already versatile home theater light kit. This home theater LED lighting kit is powered by a 120 volt power supply that plugs into any standard two prong outlet and comes included with all installation hardware and instructions, a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.
LEDGlow's Million Color Home Theater LED Lighting Kit utilizes ultra-bright, surface mounted RGB LED technology which allows for a vibrant and wide angle, spotless glow that adds a colorful personality to your home theater set up. Check LEDGlow's Multi Colored HOme Theater LED Lighting Kit.

Home theater lighting should work to enhance the viewing experience of a person. It should create a certain ambiance just like in an actual theater that puts the viewers in the mood for watching a movie.

Ideas and Tips

While choosing home theater lighting, consider following points:
  • Variable lighting works perfectly either in a dedicated home theater room or in a combined one.
  • Consider a central control for lighting or a dimmer switch to allow you to adjust the light in the room easily.
  • It's important not only to plan where to position the lights but also where to position the television.
  • Consider using wall sconces instead for your home theater lighting if remote-controlled lighting is beyond your budget.
Home theater system is more than just a luxury as watching movies at the comfort of your home serves as a therapy for them to replenish their energy and enthusiasm for work. In such scenario, home theater lightning is essential in forming a unique atmosphere in that space. It offers illumination that creates an excellent effect, function and safety.

Types of Home Theater Lighting

  1. General Lighting
  2. Atmospheric Lighting
  3. Safety Lighting

General Lighting

General lighting are designed to provide practical illumination so you can easily see to conduct general tasks when not viewing movies in your home theater. This includes overhead lights, wall sconces or floor lamps.

Atmospheric Lighting

Atmospheric lighting produces a magnificent mood for your home theater. This allows viewers to have an outstanding cinematic experience inside their home. This type of lighting may include wall sconces, cove lighting or other specialty light fixtures that are more used for aesthetic purposes rather than illumination.

Atmospheric Lighting using Media Highlighter System

Safety Lighting

Though this is not a requisite in home theaters yet this type of lighting allow people to move freely in the darkened rooms during movie watching. Examples of safety lights are aisle lights, chair lights or other fixtures with the function of lighting walkways, stairs and safety hazards with adequate light to move around the darkened room carefully.

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I believe, this post offered you some ideas and tips on home theater lighting to spice up your movie experience.

Types of CFL Bulbs

Types of CFL Bulbs - Spiral, Candelabra, Globe, Reflector, Post, A-Style, Dimmable, Three-Way

CFL bulbs generally costs slightly higher than other bulbs, but because they can pay for themselves in power bill savings, it is always a wise choice.

In an incandescent bulb, the electric current heats a thin filament to the point that it glows. This produces a warm, soft light, but the bulb looses most of its energy in the form of heat. Because CFLs energizes argon and mercury vapor to excite a glowing phosphor coating inside, this design loses very less energy to heat resulting to consume very less power.

While the first generation of CFLs had a characteristic blue tine, newer designs of CFL come in a range of shapes, sizes, color temperatures and brightness level. Following are the different types of CFL bulbs so that you can feel confident you're selecting the light bulbs that work best for you.

Types of CFL Bulbs

There is no industry standard for measuring energy efficiency, so energy savings ratings will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. In general, a CFL will use around 75% less electricity than an incandescent light bulb with the same light output, while lasting about 10 times longer. Additionally, since CFLs produce less heat, they can help you save on cooling costs.

Spiral CFL Bulb

A basic CFL design with visible fluorescent tubes arranged in a spiral. Spiral bulbs, also known as twister bulbs, do an excellent job providing even light distribution and are ideal for lamps and light fixtures that hide the bulb behind a shade or covering. The ‘ole classic spiral CFL is versatile and works in a wide range of fixtures, just about anywhere you used to use a traditional incandescent bulb.

Feit Electric BPESL15T/BLB 60 Watt Equivalent CFL, Black - This black compact fluorescent bulb replaces a 60 watt incandescent bulb while using only 13 watts. This CFL uses up to 78% less energy and lasts up to 8 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs

GE energy smart Compact Fluorescent Light Spiral Daylight Bulbs replace 75 watt Incandescent Bulbs using just 20 watts.

Candelabra CFL

Candelabra CFLs are slim in shape and thus makes it perfect choice for narrow fixtures where a bigger bulb won't fit. This CFL bulb type goes best for chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling fans, covered outdoor lights and other decorative fixtures.

GE 85388 9-Watt Energy Smart Decorator Candelabra BASE

Globe CFL Bulb

Are you looking for the types of CFL Bulbs to replace incandescent in bathroom vanities and ceiling pendants? The globe CFL bulbs can take a few seconds to reach full brightness like any other encapsulated CFLs. Once these bulbs are warmed up, they can provide the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb.
The advantage is that they consume much less energy.
GE Lighting 85392 Energy Smart CFL 11-Watt

Sunlite SLG23/27K G40 Globe 23 Watt Energy Saving CFL Light Bulb Medium Base Warm White

G E Lighting 76451 2W White Globe LED Light Bulb, Medium Base

Reflector Bulb

Reflector CFL bulbs can be ideal type for recessed ceiling fixtures because they spread light wider and more evenly. They can also work well in track lighting fixtures. If you have these bulbs damp location approved and suitable for use in enclosed fixtures, they can work well in outdoor fixtures as well.

GE 20331-6-6 65 Watt Soft White Floodlight BR30 Light Bulb, 6-Pack

GE Lighting 72984 Energy Smart CFL 15-Watt

Post CFL Bulb

Post bulbs are a durable bulb designed for outdoor light fixtures. This type of CFL bulbs are a good choice for porch lamps and driveway lights because they're specially made to withstand outdoor conditions. Check the package for compatibility with timers and photocells.

GE Lighting 85384 14-Watt Outdoor CFL Post-Light

Sunlite SLT7/27K 7 Watt Tubular Spiral EnergySaving CFL Light Bulb

Dimmable CFL Bulb

Dimmable CFLs work in dimmable fixtures or lamps. Because they look the same as the classic spiral, make sure to check the package to ensure you are purchasing the right bulb. Dimmable CFLs maintain their soft white light color more consistently than incandescent bulbs. They dim to 10-40% of their original brightness.

PureSpectrum 20W Fully Dimmable Spiral CFL

15-Watt Soft White Compact Fluorescent DIMMABLE BR30 Flood Light Bulb


3-Way CFLs are better choice because they use only one-third as much electricity as their incandescent counter-parts, but they are slightly larger in size. In appearance, they look similar to the classic spiral or dimmable CFLs, so it is wiser to make sure to check the package when you purchase. Three-way bulbs typically come in a soft white color temperature.

Twin Tube Lamps

A CFL that has two parallel tubes are called Twin Tube Lamps. They are designed to fit into lamps, task lights, recessed ceiling lights and wall lights. This type of lamp bulb is also called a "Biax" or "Dulux" lamp.

Sylvania 21115 CF26DD/841/ECO Dulux Ecologic 26W G24D-3 120-volt Double Twin Tube CFL Bulb

Greenlite Lighting 5W/TT/2P 5-Watt Twin Tube Plug-In 2-Pin CFL Lamp, Soft White

Circular (Circline) Lamps:

Circular lamps were designed for reading lamps and other lamps which use a circular light. There are some individual brands that give the "cool white" light found in a typical fluorescent. Other circlines available, however, have electronic ballasts and give warm light so it is important to make sure you buy the right CFL for what you are lighting.

Why Energy Saving LED and Solar Lamps?

Energy Saving LED Lamps

Apollo Horticulture GLLED Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant Growing
Apollo Horticulture GLLED Full Spectrum LED
Grow Light for Indoor Plant Growing
Energy Saving LED Lamps are a newer alternatives to our traditional lamps. LED lighting can offer a multitude of advantages over conventional incandescent light - they are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective! Due to the recent technological advantages of LEDs, This smart, "green" option for outdoor or home LED lighting has emerged on the green scene.

If you look for LED lamps in current market, there are a wide range of energy-saving lamps available. Researches show that LED light can save up to 80% energy than incandescent lights and 50% more energy saving than fluorescent lights. 

Because LED lamps have the advantages on energy saving and environmental protection, it has become a major trend of development in the lighting field.

Advantages of Energy Saving LED Lamps

Xpeoo® Super Bright 26w Par38 16w Par30 Energy-saving E26 E27 Led Spot Flood Light Bulb Standard Screw Lighting Base Dimmable or Non-dimmable Warm Day White 60 Degrees
Application of Xpeoo® Super Bright 26w Par38 16w Par30
Energy-saving E26 E27 Led Spot Flood Light Bulb Standard
Screw Lighting Base Dimmable or Non-dimmable Warm
Day White 60 Degrees

Low-voltage power supply, low power consumption: In general, LED light operating voltage is 2---3.6V, operating current is 0.02---0.03A. That is to say, power consumption does not exceed 0.1W.

Small size: LED is basically a small chip which is encapsulated in epoxy resin.

Garden Creations JB5629 Solar-Powered LED Accent Light, Set of 8

Garden Creations JB5629 Solar-Powered
LED Accent Light, Set of 8

Long life-time: Under the proper current and voltage, the life time is up to 100,000 hours, on top of that, there's virtually no maintenance. In addition, there is no loose part in the light body, it's not so easy to damage LED. LEDs are much stronger than the bulbs and fluorescent tubes. 

High brightness, low heat: Though the normal incandescent and halogen lamp is very cheap, the luminous efficiency is low due to the wastage of power because of the thermal effect. LED as lighting lamps, is not only high luminous efficiency but almost no heat electricity because of cold light source.

Environmental protection: LED lamps are made by the non-toxic materials; unlike fluorescent lamps containing mercury pollution; it can be recycled;

Apart from above obvious benefits, LED lamps also have no flash, applicability, high stability, short response time and other features.

Solar Lamps

Energy Saving Solar Lamp - TSSS ® Wireless LED Solar Powerd Security Motion Sensor Light, Wall/Garden Lamp
TSSS ® Wireless LED Solar
Powerd Security Motion Sensor Light,
Wall/Garden Lamp
With the recent development of various technologies, different renewable sources of energy are being discovered. Solar power is one of the prominent importance in this sector. Solar power is considered to be the most efficient and renewable source of energy used by mankind today. 

The solar lamp is one among the most effective uses of the energy from the sun. It is also one of the largest growing industries in the world. The steady rise in the demand for these lamps should be because of the two reasons - The need to save costs and Control environment pollution.

There are many advantages associated with these lighting options. Some of the most important include the following.

Advantages of Solar Lamps

Solar Lamps - Garden Creations JB5629 Solar-Powered LED Accent Light, Set of 8

Garden Creations JB5629
Solar-Powered LED Accent Light,
Set of 8

Zero Energy Costs: The sun is God gifted and solar energy is abundant in nature. One of the greatest advantages of a solar lamp is thus, its zero energy costs. As these lamps derive its energy from the sun. So, it can function free of costs. It is therefore widely used in places where lighting is essential all the time such as parking lot.

Low Maintenance: Solar lamps last for an entire lifetime. They rarely require any type of maintenance or repairs. Because these systems derive its power from the sun, they recharge automatically every day. However, the dust can cause the solar panels malfunction, they need to be dusted once in a week.

Environment Friendly: Solar lamps are environment friendly as it does not include the use of poisonous chemicals or gases to produce energy. Also, because they use reusable energy, they do not affect the environment adversely. These lights draw its energy from the sun, it is considered to be eco-friendly and safe for humans.

No Wire: Another advantage of the solar lamp is that the lights include no wires. Each individual light includes a rechargeable battery package and a photovoltaic panel. It can therefore be easily installed and seldom requires the need of a professional for installation.

Quick Installation: Solar lamp lights are easy to install as it includes no wires or electric circuits. It includes only minor assembly and therefore it can be installed easily.